Yeezy Boost 750 "Chocolate"

Posted on October 15 2016

Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost Chocolate


Today marks the release of the Yeezy 750 Boost Chocolate, signaling that Yeezy season has approached us once again. This new colorway rests on top of the translucent rubber gum outer sole to bring a fresh look to the shoe that’s been taking over since February 2015. In honor of the release, here’s a quick rundown of the shoe that’s altered the course of the footwear world:

Earlier this year, Adidas unveiled a video breaking down just what goes into the shoes buildup. It starts with that translucent rubber gum outer sole that highlights the quality of its design from the ground up, with their cutting-edge Boost technology layered on top. This Boost midsole is part of what’s always put these shoes ahead of the curve, a collaboration that was mainly supposed to shake up the music and fashion world ended up also featuring the newest advancements in athletic shoe technology. Thousands of foam pellets work together to deliver the greatest return on energy out of any shoe so far, and the moment Kanye stepped into the new technology, he needed to have it in his own shoes. A true testament to the meaning of “lifestyle” shoe, his final product would be at the peak of design and the peak of comfort.

A striking embodiment of both form and function, the design prowess that went into the shoe shines at every level. The premium leather and suede heel lining take on the vertical dimension, and we see this suede continue from the back all the way to the perforated toe cap. A stretchable velcro strap arches over this and the lace design to pull together an image that is instantly recognizable and highly desirable. Today's release marks another chapter in the saga of one of footwear's most sought after collaborations, what will Kanye and Adidas bring us next?    

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