Puma x UEG

Posted on November 11 2016


The Autumn/Winter 2016 season has brought several heated collaborations into the fashion world, one of the most forward thinking being the socially aware Puma x UEG collection. UEG, a younger company in the fashion world, stands for "Usa e Getta", an Italian phrase meaning "use and throw away". The name and the brand stand as a commentary on the fleeting nature of modern existence, especially revolving around consumerist culture. A daring yet brave stance for a company entering an industry whose very structure is based around the fleeting ideas of image. Puma, a clothing giant, made a geniusly bold move as a company increasingly trying to innovate by collaborating with UEG and bringing them to a more global spotlight.


This capsule collection was inspired by space travel, and they wanted to harness the idea and image of pushing beyond human limits and ambition. This feeling was clearly manifested in the cosmic exploration theme that we see with the entirely black and white pieces. Text graphics such as “gravity resistant” and “this side up” tracing the sole, along with a mock “ingredients” panel on the shirt sleeve point to a futuristic take on consumption. Puma and UEG have surprised and captivated us with this progressive collaboration. Fifteen unique pieces come together to tell the story of a temporally forward mode of dress that is reminiscent of the society that bred it. 

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